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Thinking 10 years ahead for children

Woongjin Bookclub

We publish book collections for children and the youth with reading and educational content, with thousands of book curators nationwide providing customizable reading design services.
  • Provide hard copy books from distinguished publishers in Korea and other countries, with over 10,000 digital content.
  • Motivate students to read suggested topics aligned to each age group.
  • Create book reporting activities to help students think and analyze with confidence.

Various contents of WoongjinBookClub

  • Book Curation

    Personalized ‘book curation’ encourages children to
    open books on their own.

  • Thought Library

    Personal library ‘Thought Library’ fills the children’s hours
    with reading activities.

  • Companion Book

    Bumper-to-bumper ‘companion books’ increase the depth
    and breadth of children’s reading.

  • Reading 100 books

    ‘Reading 100 books’ activity sets to develop good reading habits.