of Woongjin

2020 ~ 2014

#1 Smart Education Company
  • Woongjin ThinkBig’s 40th Anniversary
  • Selected as a ‘LEAD innovation’ group for e-learning globalization project by the Ministry of Education
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) education service won the President’s Award from Korea Information Society Agency
  • 2020 Prime Minister Award for Excellence in Gender Equality
  • Physical division and incorporation of kids platform ‘Discovery of Play’
  • Attracted 20 billion won investment for the kids platform ‘Discovery of Play’
  • Launched ‘SmartAll AI School Mathematics,’ an AI-based math education service
  • Released the industry’s first real-time AI solution, ‘Woongjin ThinkBig AI Mathematics’
  • Launched mobile kids playing platform ‘Discovery of Play’
  • Re-certified as an excellent family-friendly company by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family
  • Prime Minister’s Award in 2019 for excellent family-friendly company hosted by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family
  • Woongjin ThinkBig - Naver Business Platform (NBP) business agreement
  • ‘Discovery of Play’ awarded ‘The Hidden Gem App of the Year’ by Google Play
  • ‘Interactive Book’ with Augmented Reality (AR) launched by Woongjin BookClub
  • Launched ‘Woongjin SmartAll’, a smart digital AI study curriculum for all subjects
  • $5 million USD investment in Silicon Valley Kidaptive and signed an AI analysis technology partnership 
  • Launched Korea’s first big data analysis based book club AI learning/coaching
  • 2018 Presidential Award for job creation
  • 2018 Korea ICT Innovation Award by the Minister of Science, Technology, and Information
  • Launched ‘Woongjin BookClub TV,’ an exclusive service for IPTV
  • Woongjin ThinkBig – Everland partnership; Kids Village establishment and content alliance agreement
  • Launched Woongjin BookClub’s ‘Power of Thought’ Campaign
  • Woongjin BookClub selected 1st place in the education service category at the 2017 Korea Education Brand Awards for the third consecutive year
  • Woongjin ThinkBig selected as 2017 Korea’s Top 100 brands
  • Woongjin Book¬Club received 2016 InnoStar Education Service Certification
  • Woongjin BookClub won 1st prize in the 2016 Korea Education Brand Awards for the second consecutive year in the education service category
  • Launched membership digital smart reading-play convergence program, Woongjin BookClub Toy
  • Woongjin BookClub won the 22nd Korea Multimedia Technology Awards
  • Woongjin BookClub won first prize in the education service category at the 2015 Korea Education Brand Awards
  • Launched ‘Woongjin BookClub Study,’ a member-based smart digital reading-learning program
  • Woongjin BookClub’s ‘Fruits and Vegetables’ won the 2015 Korea Electronic Publishing Grand Prize
  • Launched the first member-based smart digital reading program in Korea, ‘Woongjin BookClub’
  • Announcement of ThinkBig’s Customer Service Declaration ‘Love Again and Again 1010’
  • Received 2014 Family-Friendly Company Certification by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family

2013 ~ 2011

Changes & New Challenges
  • Received Chosunilbo’s Educational Enterprise Grand Prix in children’s workbook and complete works series categories
  • Named a good workplace in the educational service domain under the service category
  • ‘Story Beam’ received ‘Jeong, Yak-yong Award’ for patented technology from the Korean Intellectual Property Office
  • Named an exemplary corporation fulfilling social responsibility in connection with labor-management relations
  • WoongjinThinkBig named by Joongang Ilbo as an ‘exemplary educational enterprise’ for “ThinkU”
  • WoongjinThinkBig 30th Anniversary Vision Announcement Ceremony
  • ThinkU Korean Language AAA Grade Quality-certified by the Korea U-Learning Association
  • ThinkU received the best award in the service category (Minister of Education and Science Award) in the 7th E-Learning Excellent Performer Contest
  • The ‘Right Education, Great People’ advertisement received both the ‘Main Award’ and ‘Special Award’ for the first time in the Seoul Visual Advertisement Festival

2010 ~ 2001

Creation & Lift-off
  • Stone-built Temple Seokgulam (Woongjin Junior) received the ‘Ragazzi Award’ in the fiction category of the 2010 Bologna Children’s Book Contest
  • ThinkU Mathematics AAA Grade Contents Quality-certified by the Korea Educational Contents Quality Certification Commission
  • Received the Silver Award in the radio category, and awards of excellence in the TV category and the newspaper category of the 2010 Korea Advertisement Grand Prix
  • Launched ‘Learning Support Program for Children in Multi-Cultural Families’ jointly with the Joint Social Welfare Donation Collection Association of Gyeonggi Province
  • Woongjin Da Chaek received the 2009 Women-Picked Premium Brand Grand Prix
  • Launched Woongjin Da Chaek, integrated complete work series brand
  • Received the Grand Prix in the home workbook category of the 6th Korea Educational Brand Grand Prix

WoongjinThinkBig Paju head office building received the Grand Prix in the private sector architecture category of the 2007 Korea Architecture Culture Grand Prix

  • Trade name changed from Woongjin Dot.Com to Woongjin ThinkBig on the company’s 25th anniversary
  • ThinkBig received the Grand Prix in the 5th Women-Picked Best Premium Product Grand Prix
  • <Totori World’s Masterpieces> received the Illustration of the Year Award in the 2004 Bologna International Children’s Book Contest
  • <Red Bean Soup Grandma and Tiger> in the <Lampside Old Stories> received the Ragazzi Award in the 2004 Bologna International Children’s Book Contest

Named ‘exemplary enterprise fulfilling gender equality in employment’ by the Ministry of Labor


Certified as No.1 for corporate image in the 3rd Korean Industry Corporate Image Certification Program by the Korea Management Association Consulting

2000 ~ 1991

Growth & Take-off

Launched a membership-based toddler’s Hangul workbook <Breaking in Hangul>

  • Published the <21st century Woongjin Learning Encyclopedia>
  • The <21st century Woongjin Learning Encyclopedia> received the 20th Korea Children’s Book Award by the Korean Publishers Association

Adopted the integrated <WoongjinThinkBig> brand


Launched Woongjin Yongwoon Mathematics (study room system)

1990 ~ 1980

Beginning & Challenge

Launched <Woongjin IQ>


<Children’s Village> received the Minister of Culture and Public Information Award in the illustration category

  • Incorporation anniversary designated (Apr. 01). Mr. Yoon, Seok-geum inaugurated as President & CEO
  • Published <Heil High School Learning>

Heim International Publishing incorporated