We feed warmth into our society and help build a beautiful world.

Social Outreach Activities

6,900 hours a year, 16 hours on average

  • ‘Good BOOK’ Box-Making Activity for Childhood Cancer Cases

    Woongjin ThinkBig executives and employees engage in the ‘Good BOOK’ box-making activity for childhood cancer on the company’s annual anniversary.
    The ‘Good BOOK’ boxes contain Woongjin ThinkBig books, school supplies, and encouragement letters. The special boxes are delivered to the homes of the children, allowing them to continue reading and learning while undergoing treatment.

  • ‘100 Won Miracle’ Donation Activity with 100 won donated per every 100-meter walk

    The annual 10km walking event where executives and employees actively participate. Known as the ‘100 won miracle,’ 100 won is donated per every 100-meters walked.
    In addition, Woongjin ThinkBig offers a 1:1 matching grant to donations made by executives and employees to help children from financially challenged families.

  • ‘Angelic Caregiver’ Volunteer Service Group of Executives and Employees

    ‘Angelic Caregiver,’ a volunteer service group of Woongjin ThinkBig executives and employees, sponsors a home for the physically challenged in Yangpyeong, Gyonggi Province.
    The group not only donates every month but also provides meals, house cleaning services, etc. In addition, Woongjin ThinkBig offers a 1:1 matching grant to donations made by executives and employees.

Social Contribution Activities

Over 1 billion won every year since 2005

  • Sponsorship for cancer-stricken children

    WoongjinThinkBig conducts a variety of social contribution initiatives for the education and welfare of cancer-stricken children in Korea.

  • Cancer-Stricken Children Painting Context

    WoongjinThinkBig hosts a book-report painting contest for cancer-stricken children in Korea every year. This event was inaugurated to encourage children with cancer to develop an interest in reading and make them more proficient in expressing themselves. The inaugural event was conducted in 2016 and cancer-stricken children and their family members are invited every autumn to join the award ceremony and various children programs.

  • Cancer-Stricken Children Painting Exhibition & Personality Education

    An online and offline childhood cancer painting contest is hosted every year for children without cancer. In particular, WoongjinBookClub membership-based reading/learning convergence service, hosts an online painting exhibition and offers personalized education for caring friends with cancer.